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What is Kik?

Kik Messenger, commonly called Kik, is an application for instant messaging. The mobile app from the Canadian company Kik Interactive is available free of charge on iOS iPhone and Android operating systems.

When did Kik come out?

Kik Messenger is a mobile app developed by Kik Interactive. Kik started with Ted Livingston in 2009. The app Kik officially came out on October 19, 2010.

Who uses Kik?

Kik is popular among teenagers. 57 percent of Kik’s active user base is in the 13 to 24 years old age bracket. In May of 2016, Kik Messenger had ~300 million registered users and was used by over 40% of United States teenagers. Kik is used in many countries all around the world.

Why Kik Messenger?

People can delete and create usernames as frequently as they want, as Kik uses username instead of phone numbers to message other users. Kik is fast and provides a lot more than just texting, and it is the best app for people whose privacy is important.

Where is Kik based?

Kik was founded in 2009 in Toronto, Canada. Kik is located at 420 Weber Street North, Suite I, Waterloo, Ontario.

How does Kik Work?

The Kik app works by using a smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and receive messages. After signing up and registering a username, users can also send photos, videos, sketches, mobile web pages, and other content. Kik allows users to register without providing a telephone number which provides a level of anonymity.

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